Khao Manee Pure Snow White Munchkins

This is One of the Rarest Breed of Munchkin. With an exotic mix of Standard Munchkin and the rare Khao Manee Cat that originates in Thailand. With the characteristics such as the bright blue and hazel eyes, most kittens eye color change after a period of time.

Breed Overview

BORN DATE: 6-22-23

OTHER NAMES: Khaomanee, khao plort, diamond eye, white gem

PERSONALITY: Playful, curious, friendly, and outgoing

WEIGHT: Up to 10 pounds

LENGTH: About 18 inches

COAT LENGTH: Short hair

COAT COLOR: White, Merlo Mix


EYE COLOR: Blue, gold, copper, amber, hazel, or green; eyes may also be odd (multiple colors or shades between eyes or within an eye)

LIFESPAN: Up to 12 years

ORIGIN: Thailand