About MLC

Munchkin Land Cattery is a “Responsible Breeding Program” (RBP) which operates its business on the “Christian Principles” and strive to treat the families / Individuals we do business with in a “Christ-like Manner”.

MLC is located in downtown Houston Texas and specialize in breeding the Dwelf and the incredible cute Munchkin kittens.  We pride ourselves on breeding to the TICA and CFA standard for confirmation and personality.

MLC’s cats are selectively bred to have superb qualities in the area of:
– Health and coat
 – Personality, and
– Beauty

The new dwarf breeds are being called designer breeds because they are hybrids created from a cross of two existing cat breeds (one being the Munchkin breed).

MLC never breeds a large number of cats.  MLC restrict our breeding program to no more than Two (2) females per year to ensure your Munchkin kittens are highly socialized and cared for.  Each Munchkin kitten is provided with extensive socialization and playtime.  Our cats / kittens are never outdoors providing you confidence that you are adding a healthy new family member to your home.  Our Munchkin kittens are sold using a contract and neutering / spay agreement to pet homes.  We prefer to place our kittens locally, but do arrange for pick up, nationally.  We do not ship internationally.

Our passion and focus at Munchkin Land Cattery is to offer Munchkin kittens from Texas, using very scrutinized champion bloodlines to ensure that our Munchkin kittens are top quality, healthy, and well socialized with charismatic personalities and friendly temperaments ready for your home as companions.  

All of our Munchkin kittens and cats are considered a fully domesticated cat by TICA, requiring no special care.  With Munchkin kittens you will be delighted with a beautiful, interactive companion that enjoys being with his / her humans.  Your Munchkin kitten will follow you around the house.  With a little attention, they will play fetch and learn tricks.

Our kittens are raised underfoot, and run loose in our home after they are five (5) weeks of age, so that they can be fully adapted to a normal household environment.

As a serious reputable and responsible Texas Munchkin breeder, MLC takes placing our Munchkin kittens and cats in homes to be serious business.  We want our Munchkin kittens new home to provide love, lots of attention and committed to their new family addition and cared for their entire lives as we raised them.

Shawn R. Madison
Cattery Directory